Deacon's Ministries

Deacon team ministry is based on the idea that deacons are servants. In fact, the word “diakanos” roughly translates to “one who serves at tables.” Therefore, we believe the role of the deacon is to serve the Lord by caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the church congregation and the community the church serves.

In the past our deacons practiced “family ministry” where each deacon cared for 15 to 20 families. Deacons were also primarily responsible for matters of finance, personnel, and buildings and grounds. In recent years, our deacons have taken a more “advisory” role in these matters, allowing the teams formed from congregational members to handle these tasks. We also chose to move away from family ministry, where each deacon tried to be everything to “his” families.

Moving to team ministry accomplished several things:

First, it allows deacons to serve in an area that fits their spiritual giftedness, and doesn’t require them to serve in areas that they might not be comfortable. Second, it involves a good deal of the congregation and lay leadership in the church. Anyone can serve on a deacon team, and can choose a team that fits their talents. Third, these teams spread the work out and allow the church as a whole to reach significantly more people.

Currently, our teams are as follows:

Bereavement: This team is ready at a moment’s notice to reach out to a grieving family. They have assembled bereavement bags that can be picked up at the church and delivered to a family that has experienced the loss of a family member. These bags contain supplies such as; a coffee maker, coffee, cream, sugar, tea, cups, paper goods etc. Once the team learns of a loss, there goal is to be at the home within hours offering these supplies and a note of condolence expressing our sorrow and offering our prayers and support. This team also offers support during and after the funeral.

Visitation: The visitation team’s primary focus is on families experiencing illness or hospitalization. They regularly meet on Tuesday nights for routine visits to homes, hospitals, or nursing facilities. They are also called upon whenever a member faces surgery or hospitalization, to be on hand to support and pray with the family.

Handy Man: The handy man team is made up of deacons and congregational members who are willing and able to perform minor repairs and maintenance around a home. Anything from changing a light bulb to cleaning gutters, these folks are available to those who don’t belong on a ladder or chair. Senior citizens, or those with extended illnesses are encouraged to use this team.

Outreach Team: These folks are charged with reaching out to the community whenever an opportunity arises. Their primary focus has been to reach out to families just moving to the community, with a cooler of drinks and a few pizzas on the day of the move. They are exploring other ways of reaching out to our community and providing information about our church and what it has to offer.

Casserole Team: This groups goal is to keep on hand at the church at least a dozen frozen one dish meals. These meals come with preparation instructions, a list of ingredients, and the date prepared. Anyone can go by the casserole teams freezer and sign out a meal to deliver to a family in need. The visitation team often takes a meal with them on visits.

PUSH Team: Pray Until Something Happens in His Name. A group who meets on Tuesday nights for corporate prayer, and special requested prayer. They have a book that members can write special requests in, send uplifting cards to those who they have prayed for to let them know they are being thought of, and designate members to pray during our worship service to further encourage the presence of the Holy Spirit as we worship.