Amplify Student Ministry (6th-12th grade)

Our mission is to live a life completely devoted to Christ and to compassionately love others with a servant’s heart. To put it simply we want to love God and love people.

Amplify: God – The number one reason this ministry exists is to help youth gain an understanding of who God is and why we should dedicate our lives to Him. We want to equip youth with the tools and knowledge they need to live a life completely devoted to God. Every Sunday morning starting at 9:15am we have Sunday School. Every Sunday night at 5:00pm we have youth Bible study where we dive deeper into issues that all youth face in their lives, in one way or another.

Amplify: Service – Every month we will participate in some kind of local community service project. For example, we have passed out free bottles of water at Dan Daniel Park and volunteered at God’s Storehouse. We want to show God’s love to others through service.

Amplify: Fun – At least once a month we will do something that is just for fun! It could be anything from going to the movies or having pizza and game night! We want to have fun and bond with our fellow youth group members.

Amplify: Family – We believe that family is one of the most important things in the lives of young people and we want to help keep families strong. One way we are going to do that is by offering a free night of babysitting one night a month so that parents can go out and enjoy date night. We promise a fun night for your children while you go have a fun night out.